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WWE Rumors: The Hardy Boyz in talks with WWE

How soon can The Broken Ones return to WWE?

News 04 Mar 2017, 11:12 IST
Is the “Broken” brilliance of the Hardy Boyz coming to WWE sooner than later?

What’s the Story?

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Matt and Jeff Hardy have begun talks with WWE to discuss a possible return to the company.

Multiple sources have alleged that the Hardy Boyz began talking with the WWE this week after their contracts with Impact Wrestling expired and the talks are supposedly going well enough that sources have also claimed that while an actual deal has yet to be offered, the Hardys may be on their way back to the WWE.

In case you didn’t know...

The Hardy Boyz contract with Impact came to an end earlier this week following an alleged insult from Anthem Sports Lawyer Ed Nordholm to The Hardy Boys and their lawyer. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that The Hardy Boyz lawyer expressed their desire for creative control in their new deal, but this request was apparently shut down.

When he also mentioned the interest expressed in the brothers by other companies, Nordholm allegedly responded by saying “Well, tell them to go to WWE then.” Matt attempted to continue working out a deal with Impact, but was advised by his lawyer not to sign the deal because of their attempts to keep them under contract longer and their attempt at gaining 10 percent of all merchandise sold by the Hardys outside of Impact.

Following news of their release, the WWE released a video promoting a Matt Hardy match which led to Matt responding with a gif involving his name being typed into a WWE Network search engine.

The Heart of the Matter

If these rumours are true, then the return of the Hardy Boyz to the WWE could occur a lot faster than fans expected. Based on Matt’s twitter exchanges with wrestlers in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, many fans thought that the Hardy Boyz would work the independent scene a while longer before returning to the WWE.

If Matt and Jeff are on their way back, then this could be a major addition to either brand when the two eventually make their return to WWE programming.

What’s Next?

If the talks are going as good as they seem to be, then we will likely see the Hardy Boyz return to WWE programming once their last appearance on Impact Wrestling airs.

It takes time for Impact to get from their TV tapings to the actual airing on Pop TV, so it may take awhile for the Hardys to be able to come back. However, since The Hardys did not appear at the latest Impact tapings, nor signed a short term contract, there may still be a chance of them appearing in WWE sooner than expected.

Sportskeeda’s Take

WWE has a great opportunity to bring in another hot tag team into the company to spice things up on either RAW or SmackDown Live. Not only are both men great tag team wrestlers, but they could both work well as main event level singles competitors.

The only question that remains for the Hardy Boyz possibly coming to WWE are how long until they debut and which brand are they going to?

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