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WWE Rumors: Triple H expected to return at Clash of Champions

"The King of Kings" might return to reclaim his throne at the top of RAW's management

Triple H betrayed Rollins and handed the Universal Championship to Kevin Owens.

Over the past couple of weeks, Monday Night RAW has been losing the rating battle with SmackDown Live! Following a brilliant pay per view in WWE Backlash and a new champion in AJ Styles, the blue brand has their red counterparts reeling.

In a nutshell, the Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan led show has been able to incorporate quality wrestling within the two-hour time slot. Be it in promos, storylines, or even just the quality of matches, SmackDown has been the better show of the two. On the other hand,  RAW has been hindered by injuries, lack of superstars, jobber matches and redundancy in their storylines. 

The crowing of Kevin Owens as the new Universal Champion came with a few pros but that hasn’t stemmed the dwindling ratings. There are even rumors that Owens might lose the championship at Clash of Champions due to the sinking ratings and poor attendance at house shows.

New rumors have recently surfaced which state that Triple H might return at Clash of Champions. This would give “the Game” the opportunity to reestablish himself into the management picture and create a power struggle between himself, Mick Foley, and Stephanie McMahon, the glimpses of which we saw during the August 29 episode of RAW. However, there are several aspects regarding that storyline progressing, that may result in compelling matchups.

First and foremost, the reason behind Triple H helping Owens win the Universal Championship at the expense of his former ally Seth Rollins has yet to be revealed. It is certain that WWE is looking to build a rivalry between Rollins and Triple H. However, it is not sure as to when the match will happen.

Surely WWE would want to reserve it for a major event such as Survivor Series or Royal Rumble. It may also culminate in WrestleMania 33. It is interesting to note that Seth vs. Triple H had originally been planned for WrestleMania 32 but could not come to fruition due to Rollins’ knee injury.

When Triple H almost handed the victory to Kevin Owens on RAW, the prizefighter’s reputation took a hit. Some believed that he wasn’t ready for the title run while others chanted “You deserve it”. Losing the title at Clash of Champions would not help his case either. But Owens defeating Rollins clean at the pay per view is certainly not a good option. Not only would it hurt Seth’s main event status, but it would also not make sense for a heel champion to beat a top babyface clean in the middle of the ring.

So it looks like Triple H holds the key to the main event and the decision of the match yet again. Will he return and screw over Rollins again? Will this lead to a power struggle between “The Game” and Mick Foley? Whose side is Stephanie on? We can only speculate.

Let us know your opinions in the comments below. 

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