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WWE Rumors: Update on Alberto Del Rio's talks with AAA, TNA, CMLL, LLE, Lucha Underground and ROH

Del Rio looking to work part time after WWE

Del Rio had also made an appearance at WCPW last week

Alberto Del Rio has generated a lot of headlines in the recent past. Be it shocking accusations from his wife about his cheating ways, his tumultuous relationship with Paige or his sudden departure from the WWE, all of these reasons have managed to keep Del Rio in the tabloids of wrestling articles.

Alberto El Patron – that is what he is known by these days, is a hot commodity now that he does not have any contractual obligations with the WWE. AAA has recently announced that Alberto Del Rio will be appearing at Heroes Inmortales X pay-per-view on 2 October. He is scheduled to wrestle at the Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. Del Rio will be a part of the main event when he teams with Psycho Clown to face Pagano and Dr. Wagner Jr. in the main event.

However, it is clear to SuperLuchas that the superstar is not going to sign with Lucha Underground anytime soon. Del Rio has been reported to ask for as high as $4000 for each appearance and is not looking to make a full-time commitment with any company. A Lucha Underground contract would require him to wrestle exclusively for them and AAA but it doesn’t look like the former WWE Champion is going to sign that contract.

In the meantime, reports of TNA showing interest in Del Rio have also surfaced. But given their financial condition, TNA are not looking to go out of their way to sign Del Rio. As we noted on Saturday, TNA has been in hot waters for some time to the extent that they now need money to continue with their next TV tapings.

Musician and wrestling promoter Billy Corgan is hoping to buy the company but he is faced with a very complicated situation where different people are owning shares of the company. Dixie Carter is no longer running operations in TNA but she still holds about 70% of the shares and is apparently demanding $4 million for these stocks.

Of the many promotions looking to bag Del Rio, ROH looks most reluctant. The major reason may be his asking price. Also, Alberto’s favorite opponent, Roderick Strong, is on his way to the WWE and that leaves Del Rio with no credible opponent.

Del Rio is also reported to have had talks with CMLL and Lucha Libre Elite. His brother works for Lucha Libre Elite and Del Rio may be expected to work some shows in Mexico.

Alberto is also reported to have been offered contracts from Japanese company Rizin. This promotion launched last year and they intend for him to fight on New Year’s Eve. As of now, there are no reports of a deal between the two parties. However, given his age, it doesn’t look like Del Rio would be interested in an MMA fight. But the situation in Japan is different. There is no commission and the company might give Del Rio a good payday and an easy opponent in exchange for the publicity that comes with him.

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