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WWE Rumors: Update on when the Hardyz will adopt 'Broken' gimmick in the WWE

A bit of an update on the Broken Hardys' gimmick in WWE.

News 02 May 2017, 09:37 IST
Matt Hardy and his blonde streak drop a leg on Sheamus

What’s the story?

Ever since Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE during WrestleMania 33, the anticipation has been building. When, if ever, will The Hardys start using their “Broken” gimmick in the WWE? After all, it was the buzz this gimmick created while the Hardys were in Impact Wrestling that was a major reason WWE wanted them back.

Well, it’s possible we may have an update from Dave Meltzer of WON.


In 2016, Matt and Jeff began a program in Impact Wrestling where, during a match between the two, Jeff “broke” Matt, thus creating ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy. Over the following year, the Hardys, using on-location filming and a tonne of imagination, created some of the most talked about moments in pro wrestling – WWE or otherwise.

However, when their contract expired, the Hardys declined to renew it, claiming that they were disrespected. However, once they left the company, Impact claimed that they owned the “Broken” gimmick, and would pursue legal action if the team used it in any other promotion.

Since signing with WWE, Matt has used elements of the gimmick, but the team has generally stuck with their previous WWE personas.

The heart of the matter

This past Sunday, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, commented on the situation during the Live Audio Wrestling podcast. 

“I think there’s something up. I know that there were rumors that there was a deal done, and Reby — Matt’s wife — said that’s not the case. I know that [WWE and Anthem] were in talks, and I just feel like they’re gonna get there at some point because Matt’s obviously sneaking it in. So, I think that it’s something where if the deal isn’t done, they’re confident enough that the deal will be done because if they weren’t confident Vince wouldn’t let this happen.”

What’s next?

Even if the legal situation behind the gimmick were to be resolved tomorrow, it would still be a while before the Hardys would start to use it in the WWE. Don’t expect to see any full-out DELIGHTFULNESS until at least SummerSlam.

Author’s take

I personally like the blend of “Broken” Matt and the old WWE Hardys. Eventually, as has been discussed before, the nostalgia act will wear off and you would think the Hardys would have gone another path if the WWE was just offering a nostalgia run. 

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