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WWE Rumors: Baron Corbin expected to become Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania 33

Is a historic Intercontinental Title win next for The Lone Wolf?

2017 is expected to be a huge year for Baron Corbin

What’s The Story

Baron Corbin has proven to be the best up-and-coming superstar on Smackdown Live, maybe even the entire roster, for many months now.

If the report from NoDQ.com and Wrestling Observer Newsletter is any indication, Corbin’s rise to the top of the Smackdown card will continue at Wrestlemania, as he’s set to square off against Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Title at The Show of Shows. 

In Case You Didn’t Know

The Lone Wolf has enjoyed a meteoric rise through Smackdown Live’s roster and over the past few months has positioned himself as a premiere superstar that belongs toward the top of the card, if not the main event.

At SD’s last exclusive PPV, Elimination Chamber, Corbin was involved in the Chamber Match for the WWE title and had an impressive showing. However, the showing was somewhat short-lived, as Corbin was caught off guard by Dean Ambrose and eliminated after a Schoolboy roll-up.

Following his elimination, Corbin refused to leave the match quietly. After beating down Ambrose, Corbin tossed The Lunatic Fringe through a Chamber pod, followed by an End of Days, leading to Ambrose’s immediate elimination from the match.

Two nights later on Smackdown Live, Ambrose was seen searching the arena for Corbin, surely blaming him for his own elimination from the Chamber match. Not being able to find Corbin, Ambrose requested a match with his old buddy James Ellsworth.

Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan agreed and the match was set for later that night. However, Ambrose would never even make it to the ring for the match, as he was jumped and attacked by Corbin backstage and drug out to the arena for more damage to be inflicted. 

The heart of the matter

Both men cost the other their chance at the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber and seem destined for an Intercontinental Title match in the near future. Putting the two in a match at WWE’s biggest show of the year would be a huge step for Baron Corbin, considering he just debuted at last year’s Mania winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

The WON reports that Corbin will soon receive the IC title as “a stepping stone to be moved up to the top of the card for the Smackdown brand”. Neither men has any clear direction heading into Mania season, and considering Corbin dished out some severe damage to Ambrose this past Tuesday night on Smackdown Live sending The Lunatic to the hospital, it seems that the two are set for a one-on-one match at Wrestlemania for the coveted Intercontinental Championship. 

What’s Next?

A match between The Lone Wolf and Lunatic Fringe would be a very intriguing matchup and one that could kick-off Wrestlemania to make sure the show is started off right. Also, after this past week’s brawl between the two, it is highly likely this match could have a stipulation added to it (Street Fight, No DQ, etc.).

The Intercontinental Title match has almost always been a staple of Wrestlemania, with classics such as HBK and Razor Ramon’s ladder match at Wrestlemania X and Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania III. The next few episodes of Smackdown Live will certainly let us know if this match will be the IC Title match we get at Wrestlemania, but if it does, it has the capability of stealing a show filled with big time bouts. 

Sportskeeda’s Take

While there is no certainty this match happens at Wrestlemania, if it does, Baron Corbin should walk out of Orlando as the new Intercontinental Champion. His first title victory would immediately push Corbin to the top of the ladder on Smackdown Live and solidify him as a major star in the company moving forward.

As reported here earlier this year, Corbin has been in line for a huge push within the company, as Vince is a huge fan of Corbin’s look, athletic pedigree, and attitude.

Also, with the news breaking that Smackdown’s biggest star, John Cena, is set to miss a great deal of time this year, Corbin could solidify himself as the superstar that is ready to fill the hole left by WWE and Smackdown’s top superstar, and it would all start by winning the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania 33.

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