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WWE Rumors: WWE comes up with another plan to re-sign Dean Ambrose and it may work

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The WWE will reportedly table another deal.
The WWE will reportedly table another deal.

What's the story?

WWE just doesn't want Dean Ambrose to leave and are trying their best to convince him to sign on the dotted line of a new contract. The former WWE Champion has already rejected a few offers but the WWE management isn't ready to give up just yet.

Brad Shepard revealed on the Oh You Didn't Know Wrestling show that the company is all set to make another offer to Ambrose which may be too good to refuse. He also disclosed details of the rumored contract.

In case you didn't know...

The WWE had previously confirmed that Ambrose would not be renewing his contract once it expires in April. The speculation going around is that the former Intercontinental Champion has been frustrated with his creative direction in the WWE and is not in it for the money.

The fact that there were reports of him possibly jumping ship to AEW for more money infuriated him even further. Additionally, he has not been a fan of the promos that have been handed out to him as he longs for a little more freedom from a creative standpoint.

He reportedly went off script on this week's Raw and turned face in a surprising segment with Seth Rollins. Ambrose seems hell-bent on walking away from the WWE but Vince McMahon and co. aren't in the mood to let the Grand Slam Champion go away that easily.

The heart of the matter

As money isn't the issue for Ambrose, Shepard revealed that WWE would look to entice Ambrose into staying by offering him a lighter schedule.

Shepard explained, "WWE is going to take one more swing at re-signing Dean Ambrose and apparently, they’re going to offer him a very sweet deal which may include limited dates. They do not want him to leave.”

Whether or not Ambrose agrees to extend his contract is anyone's guess and at this moment, we really can't predict as to what may happen. Ambrose may just be convinced if he promised to explore better storylines going forward.

What's next?

Vince McMahon doesn't want his stars to leave and join rival companies such as AEW and is trying to lure them by offering lucrative contracts and big pushes.


Ambrose is unsurprisingly the top name on the list of stars WWE wishes to retain and as things stand, are going all out to ensure he sticks around after WrestleMania 35.

Will WWE manage to hold onto Ambrose with their latest effort? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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