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WWE Rumors: WWE Planning Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt for "Wrestlemania 33"

Reportedly, Orton's eventual betrayal of the Wyatts will impart a more 'personal' feel to the feud.

The Wyatt Family has reached new heights of dominance after the inclusion of Randy Orton. 

Randy Orton’s unexpected association with the Wyatt Family took everyone by surprise and majority of the viewers believed that it was a short-term plan, which was scheduled to bring a twist in the feud. But that doesn’t seem the case anymore, as it is now evident that Orton is an integral member of the group. 

According to inquistr.com, WWE may be looking to plan a clash between “The Viper” and “The New Face Of Fear” at Wrestlemania 33. A new report suggests that Orton might turn on his Wyatt Family members at the Royal Rumble. The eventual betrayal will elevate the feud and bring a “personal” feel as they have been together for several months.

This can be the ultimate chance for the WWE to unleash Bray Wyatt as an unstoppable maniac. A victory against Orton at the Grandest Stage Of Them All will certainly do him wonders in the near future. Despite working with some top talents such as John Cena, The Undertaker and The Rock, Wyatt is yet to secure a victory at Wrestlemania. 

Orton had earlier stated that he might change his appearance to fit in better. He also had claimed that his betrayal of The Wyatt Family was inevitable.

The Wyatt Family’s dominance has been on the rise ever since winning the Tag Team Titles at the TLC pay per view. Their next program is scheduled to transpire against the American Alpha heading into 2017.  Watch their crowning moment right here:

Although the prospect of Orton facing Wyatt at Wrestlemania is great, it might take away the stellar work that Orton is doing alongside The Wyatt Family. The cryptic involvement of Luke Harper might also play in the mix which could lead to a triple threat clash at Wrestlemania 33.

The coming few weeks will be pivotal in determining the path for The Wyatt Family at Wrestlemania, and it can be said for sure that great things can be expected from the trio in the coming months. 

Watch the statement by Orton which lead to the resurgence of the Wyatt Family:

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