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WWE Rumors: WWE planning to push Roman Reigns as a double champion

Is WWE planning on giving Reigns a huge push once more by making him a double champion?

Roman Reigns is currently targeting the Universal Championship

Roman Reigns is set to face Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at Roadblock: End Of The Line. He defeated Kevin Owens in a non-title match, to earn his spot at the upcoming Raw PPV.

According to All Wrestling Newsone of the outcomes of the match being pitched, is Reigns winning the Universal title so that he can claim to be a “double champion”; similar to Conor McGregor’s feat in the UFC before he was stripped of his UFC Featherweight Championship.

Take a look at Reigns as he earns his title shot:

Rumours also has it that if this were the case, Reigns would lose the US title shortly after, perhaps to Braun Strowman. However, Reigns cannot claim to be the first even among his Shield brothers to do so.

Last year, Seth Rollins defeated John Cena at Summerslam to become the first person to hold the World Championship and the United States Championship a the same time. 

While it is still just speculation at this point, it wouldn’t be surprising to see, as WWE has always intended to push Reigns as the top babyface of the company. Despite his suspension this year and him being supposedly “pushed down the card”, it was only for a few months, and his supposed “punishment” was only taking three clean pinfalls.

Not long after, he ended up becoming the United States Champion as well. He has only defended the title twice so far, since winning it in September. It will be interesting to see what direction Reigns goes in, at Wrestlemania. So far, there haven’t been any rumoured matches for the United States Championship.

However, since he is their “top guy” and the man who they are persistently trying to make the top babyface despite fan rejection, he is almost guaranteed to have a big marquee match pencilled in.

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