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WWE Rumors: WWE's incredible plans for Bray Wyatt revealed; but there's a big concern 

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Modified 16 May 2019, 01:03 IST

What does Vince McMahon have in the pipeline for Wyatt
What does Vince McMahon have in the pipeline for Wyatt's new character?

What's the story?

The new Bray Wyatt is inarguably the best thing in the WWE right now. The former Eater of Worlds unleashed a darker side to his Firefly Fun House character this week and it's safe to say that the experiment has been a resounding success thus far.

Wyatt is expected to return to in-ring action soon and as we all know, that's when the real test would begin. However, what has the WWE got in store for the former WWE Champion?

Brad Shepard opened up regarding the company's plans for Wyatt on the latest edition of the Oh You Didn't Know podcast. It sounds pretty promising! 

In case you didn't know...

After an extended break and countless cryptic vignettes, Wyatt finally made his WWE TV return on the episode of Raw on April 22nd via a pre-taped video package in which he revealed the Firefly Fun House.

The spooky segment even had three mysterious characters, namely Abby The Witch, Mercy The Buzzard and The Rambling Rabbit. The segment got even more foreboding in the following week as he referenced his feud with Randy Orton from WrestleMania 33 and showed tendencies of being an unhinged sociopath. 

WWE nailed it on the head this week, though, as Wyatt claimed he had learnt to control the darkness that resided in him. He would let loose a masked evil avatar - an image that was surely one of the eeriest things that the fans have witnessed in a very long time.

It was fresh and most importantly, it worked as the WWE Universe have expressed their appreciation for Wyatt's intriguing new direction. 


The heart of the matter

As revealed by Brad Shephard on the Oh You Didn't Know wrestling podcast, WWE intends on giving Wyatt a heavy push upon his live televised return. The plan is to keep him undefeated for a while until they can build towards greater moments. 

However, there is also a concern whether all the hype generated by the pre-taped vignettes could translate to sustained gains inside the ring.

Shepard said, "The feedback I was given was the intended plan was for him to be unbeatable at first, absolutely. So you know if they come out of the gate with a big push as discussed was the plan then you know absolutely he could carry momentum, but again at some point, this all transitions to the ring and that is where there tends to be a significant disconnect even when the vignettes are really good.”

What's next?

Just don't muck this up WWE and that's a collective request from the WWE Universe. Wyatt's new character has potential, but we all know what happens when we get our hopes up too high. 

Let's hope WWE maintains the momentum and gives Wyatt a healthy push once he makes his in-ring comeback. 

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Published 16 May 2019, 01:03 IST
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