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WWE Rumors: WWE to soon have new "Paul Heyman guys"

Sudhir Bose
3.75K   //    02 Jul 2016, 15:43 IST
What’s going on up there?

The trend during summer is to trim down, but the WWE always does the opposite. The doubling up is more evident than ever this year with the brand split looming. The WWE seems eager to make up to fans the five years of lost time and is going for broke with two PPVs reportedly planned for each month – one each for RAW and SmackDown.

The brand split and Draft aside, SummerSlam is indubitably the next big thing. The biggest event of the WWE calendar after WrestleMania will have a lot of expectations of it, considering its precedent. 

His return to MMA at UFC 200 is on every MMA fan’s lips, but the IWC is keener on how Brock Lesnar will fit into SummerSlam. That front is understandably quiet, considering the number of unquantifiables at the moment. reports that the WWE is planning to insert Paul Heyman into programming leading up to the brand split. WWE Creative are seriously considering having Heyman represent a couple of Superstars to plant the seeds for an angle at SummerSlam.

On a related note, it is reported that Vince McMahon is determined to extend Lesnar’s contract when the time comes, which is next April. Contradictory to the implications made by the indirect back-and-forth between Lesnar and Stephanie McMahon, the former WWE Champion has no heat on him because of the UFC 200 deal. 

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