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WWE Rumors: WWE source reveals how the backstage mood was heading into Super ShowDown

Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:24 IST

Super ShowDown wasn
Super ShowDown wasn't the show that the WWE Universe expected

What's the story?

Super ShowDown was seen as WWE's most controversial event of the year given the fact that it took place in Saudi Arabia and there is still a dark cloud looming over the country. Many WWE stars rejected the chance to travel to The Middle East with WWE for Friday's show, but according to an anonymous source, they weren't the only ones who didn't want to travel to Jeddah.

In case you didn't know...

The likes of Aleister Black, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Sami Zayn were all notable absentees in The Middle East on Friday night after Bryan and Owens refused to make the trip, Zayn and Black were informed that they wouldn't be allowed in the country and John Cena made his thoughts on Saudi Arabia clear ahead of Crown Jewel last year.

The show itself didn't give the WWE Universe any spectacular moments that will be remembered, and it appears that the fact that the show was so thrown together has annoyed a number of WWE stars.

The heart of the matter

According to a report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, the mood heading into Super ShowDown this past week was somewhat negative with many WWE stars not wanting to make the trip at all.

"Most guys don't want to rock the boat. Some guys wanted to go but I heard most didn't think they should go. It was an awfully long trip—one person told me if it was up to him he would never go back again, but it was not up to him so it doesn't matter. And others were just like 'it sucked.' 

He went on to talk about the 50-man Battle Royale and the fact that many stars were brought out to the country and were just going through the motions in a match that didn't really matter.

"There were people who very much understood that the booking was horrible throughout so much of the show. For the guys in the battle royal, it was very much going through the motions because the whole thing was just thrown together. Like I said, there was no showcase spots or anything like that, so people there were kind of not in a great mood that you’re flying in there for this match that can’t be good because there’s no thought put into it. And you’re just there as a piece of meat," he said via WrestlingNews.

What's next?

WWE is planning to return to Saudi Arabia once again this fall and could have more issues ahead of the next show as more Superstars make the decision to pull out.

Do you think WWE's deal with Saudi Arabia is causing them more problems than solutions? Have your say in the comments section below...

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Published 09 Jun 2019, 17:40 IST
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