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WWE Rumors: X-Pac was arrested

Tough week for Waltman!

News 02 May 2017, 12:48 IST
Waltman finds himself behind bars

What’s the story?

According to reports from Wrestling news.co, former WWE Superstar and WWE legend X-Pac was arrested at Los Angeles Airport PD. The report suggests that his arrest was the ‘issue’ that he was dealing with and that was the reason he did not show up for the IPW show in the UK.

In case you didn’t know...

X-Pac or Sean Waltman was announced missing a few days ago after he did not turn up at an IPW show in the United Kingdom. Wrestling personality Wade Keller tweeted out explaining that a source close to him had revealed that X-Pac was fine and was just dealing with a few issues.

The heart of the matter

 WWE legend X-Pac was reported missing after he did not show up for a wrestling event conducted by the IPW in the UK. The new report from Wrestling news.co has revealed that Waltman was arrested by Los Angeles Airport PD on Saturday the 29th of April at exactly 12:45 AM and charged with a felony.

His bail has been set at 35,000$ and it is being said that he was attempting to make it to the show when he stopped was stopped by the police. The reason behind his arrest and felony charge have not been released as of yet.

According to the LA Sherrif’s Department, Waltman was released on Sunday evening at 6:23 local time. It was shortly after this that friends received word from him and the word got out that he was ok. This came as a huge relief to his fans that was concerned for his well-being. Waltman sent out a tweet confirming that he was fine.

What’s next?

With the news update saying Waltman’s reason for missing was his evident arrest, fans should expect a statement from X-Pac in the near future. He may reveal the details behind his arrest and may clarify doubts that fans around the world have regarding the former wrestler’s future and his health.

Author’s take

It comes as a huge sigh of relief to the fans that Waltman is okay and doing well. However, the fact that he was arrested is cause for concern. Despite Waltman’s recent tweet suggesting that he had not ‘relapsed’, fans are still left wondering if his admitted drug abuse is the reason for his rest. We can only hope to hear more in the near future.

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