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WWE Rumour Mill: Daniel Bryan's WWE future in doubt?

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Daniel Bryan may not resign his contract with WWE come September
Daniel Bryan may not resign his contract with WWE come September

What's the story?

On the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez talked about Daniel Bryan's recent interview on the Gorilla Position podcast.  

During the interview, Bryan had made fun of WWE's ability to write a story that would carry Bryan and Miz's feud until WrestleMania 35.  

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Dave Meltzer talked about Daniel Bryan's contract coming up and what his recent criticism of WWE meant for him resigning with the company in September. 

In case you didn't know...

Daniel Bryan recently made a miraculous return from injury when he was able to return to the ring, after having to retire two years back from a life-threatening neck injury. Bryan returned at WrestleMania, where he teamed up with Shane McMahon, before going on to have a feud with Big Cass. 

Before his return from injury, fans expected Bryan would leave WWE after his contract expired in September, as WWE was not clearing him to wrestle. The situation became different, when he made his return, with the expectation being that he would continue with WWE if they meet his demands. 

The heart of the matter

Dave Meltzer listened to Daniel Bryan's interview on the Gorilla Position and talked about it on Wrestling Observer Radio. He said that after the interview, people thought that Bryan could leave WWE. He said that Bryan wanted to work fifty to a hundred dates a year, and the fact that he had not signed a new contract with the company yet meant that he could leave. 

He went on to talk about the money that Bryan could make outside the WWE, saying that he could make a lot of money if he hustled and sold his merchandise, but it was unlikely as he was not that sort of person. He said that Bryan could make 'good money' outside WWE, but not as much as he could inside the company. 

"He cannot make more money or close to the same money he can make in WWE out of WWE, not right now. It's not the case. He can make a lot of merch money if he wants to hustle but that's not really his thing."

Finally, Meltzer said that if Bryan wanted to do only fifty to a hundred days a year, WWE might be ready to make him an offer, as they don't want him to sign with any of the competition, be it New Japan or Ring of Honour.

"If he wants to do 50 to 100 days a year, WWE may be amenable to that. I don't think they want to lose him, because I don't think they don't want him on the other side, working for New Japan or Ring of Honour, because that's where he will end up."

What's next?

Bryan's contract comes to an end in September, and it will be interesting to see if he resigns with WWE. 

Before that, however, he is scheduled to team up with his former Team Hell No partner, Kane, at Extreme Rules, to face The Bludgeon Brothers. 

You can see Team Hell No's five greatest moments here:

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