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WWE Rumours: Backstage heat on Samoa Joe after injury-gate?

Is there any heat on Samoa Joe after the injuries that have occurred during his matches and segments?

“The Destroyer” Samoa Joe

What’s the story?

On the mail bag section of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked if there was backsatge heat on Samoa Joe after he was part of the segments that caused injuries to other wrestlers. His response was “not that i’ve heard”.

Dave Meltzer is one of the men who breaks a lot of exclusive news regarding WWE and if there was any heat on Joe he would probably have heard about it.

In case you didn’t know...

In the past couple of years, during either matches or segments with Samoa Joe, Tyson Kidd and Seth Rollins have been injured. This past week on Raw it was reported that Roman Reigns was banged up after his main event match with Joe.

Whilst Reigns was not severely injured, Rollins is currently out with a knee injury and Kidd had to retire after a serious neck injury caused by Joe hitting him with a Muscle Buster during a match in June 2015.

The heart of the matter

Samoa Joe has made a big impact in WWE since he signed with NXT, and then again in the last few weeks as part of the Raw roster. Joe works probably a stiffer style than many of his peers, but that doesn’t make him any more likely to injure anyone.

Nobody steps into the ring with the idea to hurt anyone and the injury suffered by Tyson Kidd was as a result of a move that Joe had used many times before. The knee injury that was suffered by Seth Rollins was a freak accident that occurred when Rollins caught his foot on the canvas.

What’s next?

Joe is being referred to as “The Destroyer” since making the step up from NXT to Raw. Whilst the injuries suffered by other have been extremely unfortunate, perhaps WWE are using them to build Samoa Joe as more of a threat to the men around him on Raw.

Having been placed in an important position, as the hired gun of Triple H, he will no doubt have a big future on Raw. Expect him to play a big part on TV and at WrestleMania in the coming months.

SportsKeeda’s Take

No wrestler in the world intentionally steps into the ring against anyone with the intention of hurting them. The fact that a couple of injuries have happened when Joe has been facing someone can only be looked on as a massive coincidence and cannot be held against him. 

Samoa Joe is a hard hitting wrestler and the fans love him for his style. He should not be held exclusively responsible for the injuries caused to Kidd and Rollins, or for any kind of after affects suffered by Roman Reigns following their encounter.

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