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WWE Rumors: Jerry Lawler to cost Dolph Ziggler the Royal Rumble match

Ziggler delivered a superkick to Lawler this past week on SmackDown

Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler’s heel turn is considered a right move by fans

What's the story?

This week's episode of SmackDown Live saw the return of 'King's Court' hosted by WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry Lawler with the special guest being Dolph Ziggler. However, things didn't sit well with the host and the guest, and the talk show ended abruptly after Ziggler hit Lawler with a superkick, cementing his renewed role as a villain

However, if the reports from allwrestlingnews are to be believed, the SmackDown segment involving Dolph was designed to do more than just get him over as a heel. According to the site, the King's Court segment is expected to set up something for Royal Rumble, presumably leading to the elimination of Ziggler from the 30 men Battle Royale.

In case you didn't know...

Dolph Ziggler turned heel during the January 3rd episode of SmackDown Live earlier this month. He lost a match against Baron Corbin at the show and attacked Kalisto afterwards, who had come to his aid. 

WWE brought back the King's Court segment hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler this week on SmackDown Live. The segment saw Lawler counselling Ziggler, telling him that he was going into the wrong path. 

The talk show ended with Dolph delivering a superkick to the Hall Of Famer. 


The heart of the matter

It was revealed earlier this week that Jerry Lawler would be a part of the official commentary team for the upcoming Royal Rumble. Due to his encounter with Ziggler during the latest SmackDown episode, Jerry is expected to play a bigger role than being just a commentator at the upcoming event.

What's next?

While Lawler is expected to get involved with Ziggler in some capacity during the upcoming PPV, he is not expected to have a match with the former Intercontinental Champion due to the heart attack he suffered a while back. He would most likely just distract the former World Campion, causing him to be eliminated from the Battle Royale.

SportsKeeda's take

Dolph Ziggler's heel turn is considered to be the right move from WWE among the majority of the fans. So putting Ziggler against one of the most beloved commentators in the history of the company looks to be the correct step from officials. It will give Ziggler some heel heat before he gets involved in any major storyline with his revised role.

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