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WWE Rumours: New Paul Heyman guys coming soon?

3.37K   //    30 Jun 2016, 13:05 IST
Who will be the next Paul Heyman guy?

Paul Heyman is one of the few people in the world who could sell you plain water as scotch whiskey. The man is so good that he can make you believe that you are indeed drinking the scotch whiskey instead of the plain water you are served. His expertise on mic has really helped few of the major stars WWE has seen to break out big. And it looks like the WWE is going to use the “King of Promos” once more to put over a new star.

According to Dailywrestlingnews, there is backstage talk on associating one or two superstars with Paul Heyman and help them get over with the fans. The move is rumoured to happen for the brand split and will likely feature an emerging talent as a Paul Heyman guy. Paul Heyman is expected to return to television before Brock Lesnar to build up the match for SummerSlam and WWE is planning to use him at that time.

It is also to be noted that WWE is planning to sign a new contract with Brock, once his current contract comes to an end in April. There is also no backstage heat on Lesnar for willing to return to UFC for his match at UFC 200. Lesnar is also considered to be a model employee as he does what is asked of him.

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