WWE Rumours: Possible reason behind Triple H turning on Seth Rollins

Triple H did the unthinkable when he pedigreed Rollins to hand over the title to Kevin Owens

The last episode of Monday night Raw turned the WWE Universe on its head. Seth Rollins was a firm favourite for winning the Universal Championship heading into the fatal 4-Way elimination match. But things were not to be, for the two-time WWE Champion.

Triple H made his way into the scene and hit a pedigree on Roman Reigns at ringside. The Game then hand-delivered Reigns to Rollins for the three count leading many to believe that the King of Kings was once again siding with his protege Rollins. In a shocking move, however, Triple H instead turned on Rollins and delivered another Pedigree in order for Owens to take home the top prize.

The pair then celebrated in the ring together as Triple H raised Owens’ hands in victory. Holding up his title to the crowd, Owens could be heard shouting "It's my show!"

Raw general manager Mick Foley was seen visibly upset at Triple H for intervening while his wife, commissioner Stephanie McMahon, looked on, probably shocked by the fact that her husband would betray Rollins. Triple H then had a staredown with Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon before walking off. The Game was last seen at WrestleMania 32 in April when Reigns defeated him for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the possible face turn for Seth Rollins was a refreshing angle. Meltzer said that it was possible that WWE are looking to pit Rollins and Triple H in a matchup for WrestleMania 33. That was the original idea heading into WrestleMania 32 before Rollins injured his knee late last year.

Meltzer also pointed out that none of these plans would have come to fruition had Balor not been injured. He also said that the match was supposed to be a Fatal 4-Way rather than a Fatal 4-Way elimination match when it had been announced. The elimination stipulation had probably been added a couple of days ago.

One could see this change to be necessary keeping in line with the story WWE are trying to create. However, he was not happy with the way Owens won the title. Meltzer said that Owens had been put in the same position that Rollins was in last year. But all in all, he seemed happy with the way the segment had been played out as it opened a number of storylines for the superstars involved.

However, the finish to the RAW main event left many questions unanswered. What is next for Kevin Owens? What about his tag team with Jericho? Will the Rollins/Triple H fued escalate to the point that it will result in a match at Mania? And most importantly, was Stephanie aware of her husband’s actions that affected the result of the match?

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