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WWE Rumours: Sasha Banks vs. UFC Fighter Paige VanZant at WrestleMania 33

We analyse all the rumours and speculation about this possible match. Could we see the UFC fighter at Wrestlemania 33?

Could this match happen? We analyse the rumours

Rumours of a match between WWE Superstar Sasha Banks and UFC fighter Paige VanZant have been going around Twitter for quite some time now. The rumours were mostly unsubstantiated and complete speculation until now. However, some recent developments have led fans to believe that there might be a bit more to them.

Sasha Banks has recently got done with her rivalry against Charlotte, with the feud culminating in a 30-minute Iron Man match at Roadblock: End of the Line. Sasha Banks lost her Raw Women’s Title to Charlotte after the match went into Sudden Death overtime and Charlotte got her to tap out.

With Charlotte out of the way, Sasha Banks has begun a new feud with the physically dominating Nia Jax instead. Nia Jax, however, is still what some might term as a “rookie” in the business and doesn’t possess the kind of acumen for it that wrestlers such as Charlotte and Sasha Banks do. 

The feud is hence not expected to last for very long and Sasha might be out of an opponent by the time Wrestlemania rolls around.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Sasha Banks will be booked in a “big match” for Wrestlemania. The opponent does not seem like it could be Nia Jax, due to aforementioned reasons.

Here’s Meltzer’s tweet where he talks about Sasha Banks being on Wrestlemania:

Paige VanZant, one of the more popular women in the UFC, recently lost a fight to the “Karate Hottie” Michelle Waterson at UFC on Fox 22 where the two headlined the card. Paige, however, has spoken about being interested in coming to the WWE in the past and even reportedly had a segment cancelled at Summerslam, earlier this year.

Paige, even during the build-up to her recent fight against Michelle Waterson, had mentioned her desire to pursue a WWE career after UFC and had named her dream opponent as The Rock.

The rumours of her possibly facing Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania have now picked up steam, since Paige is out of title contention in the UFC for the foreseeable future and may be looking to make an appearance at the grandest stage of them all, during her layoff time. 

WWE.com had even posted an article titled “WWE Superstars vs. Pro Athletes”, that featured the fantasy Sasha Banks vs. Paige VanZant match. The article was posted on October 23rd 2016, fuelling the speculations further.

We had previously reported on WWE wanting to have top UFC stars at Wrestlemania 33, including Conor McGregor, Paige VanZant and Ronda Rousey, with credits to the Wrestling Observer newsletter for reporting this first. 

Twitter user WWEJohnny05 had posted a couple of images in a tweet back in June 2016, asking for a Sasha Banks vs. Paige VanZant fight to happen at either Summerslam or Wrestlemania. The tweet was even “liked” by Paige VanZant herself. Now that Summerslam is over, Wrestlemania 33 still remains.

We hope to see this match happen!

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