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WWE Rumours: Seth Rollins possibly injured at WWE Clash Of Champions 2016

Seth Rollins might have injured his ribs during his match against Kevin Owens at WWE Clash of Champions 2016.


Seth Rollins might have injured his ribs at CoC
Seth Rollins might have injured his ribs at Clash of Champions

Seth Rollins appears to be have been injured in today's match against Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at the recently concluded Clash Of Champions. We all know he hasn't had a good journey with injuries and the knee injury he had a few months back required surgery kept him out of action for 7 months!

The injury seems to have happened when the match had picked up momentum and Owens hit a Gut-buster on Rollins from the top rope followed by a Frogsplash only to get a 2 count.

Post that Gutbuster, you could see Rollins placing his hand on the ribs through the match and appeared to be in a lot of pain. This could very well be a selling technique but even when the match ended, Rollins walked out through the curtain still with his hand still holding his ribs.

If this isn't an actual injury, Rollins has done one hell of a job in selling it but in the case that it is an actual one Rollins didn't let it affect the match in any way! The Architect continued in the match with the same momentum and delivered a frog splash and even followed it up with a Pedigree.

With Rollins turning babyface, the storyline between Owens and him has a lot of meat left. And with the inclusion of Jericho we don't see this segment fading out anytime soon only if The Architect isn't critically injured.

If the injury is not serious or if Rollins recovers soon, the storyline will be continued to the next Pay-Per-View, 'Hell In The Cell' and this time it might not just be Rollins and Owens battling it out.

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