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WWE Rumours: Seth Rollins to become WWE Universal Champion because of poor ratings

Will Kevin Owens drop the title at Clash of Champions?

This did not go down well with the fans?

Looks like WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens has not been received well by the fans and this is reflected by the poor ratings received by the red brand in recent weeks. While this may have been partly due to the football season kicking off in America but it going to have serious repercussions on the reigning champion.

According to Inquisitr, the WWE are not happy with KO as the WWE Universal Champion due to two things. First, due to the way in which he won the Fatal 4-Way clash for the title with help from Triple H, which has forced people to question his credibility as a main-eventer. If this was not enough, last week’s Raw ratings hit the lowest that it has since 14th October, 1996 on a non-holiday.

SmackDown Live! was also struggling for good ratings before BackLash, where AJ Styles beat Dean Ambrose courtesy of a low-blow to become the new WWE World Champion and this change of title has seen the blue brand’s rating soar. The WWE is hoping that Raw receives a similar response and are planning to take away the title from Owens only weeks after literally handing it to him.

KO will face Seth Rollins at Clash of Champions next Sunday and it is expected that he will not come out of the match as the champion, although it is quite possible that Triple H returns one more time to help his protege retain the title against The Architect.

If Owens does lose the title after such a short span of time then it is likely that he won’t be in the title picture for a while and it also affects his credibility as the top guy on the red brand.

However, the WWE Creative team might just plan to stick with Owens for the time being in the hope that the ratings improve as KO has received a positive reaction from the crowd so far during his title reign. Whatever it is , it will be interesting to see what WWE decides to do at Clash of Champions, however, if KO does drop his title, it will be more than evident that the company were forced to take the step due to the dropping ratings.

Who do you think will walk out of Clash of Champions as the WWE Universal Champion? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

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