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WWE Rumours: The Undertaker returning at Royal Rumble

The Phenom may be just a few months away from returning!

Will The Phenom return at the Rumble to make a certain announcement?

It was said that The Undertaker was supposed to have his final bout at Wrestlemania 32 this year and have his send off in his home state of Texas. However, his penned-in opponent, John Cena, obtained a torn rotator cuff injury that kept him out of action for over five months. As a result, WWE was forced to change their plans.

As a result, Shane McMahon had returned and had a match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32. The whole match and build-up were a clear Plan-B, and at the end lot of it didn’t make sense because despite not beating The Undertaker, Shane got control of Raw for the next few months anyhow. 

After Wrestlemania 32, it was reported that The Undertaker said he was retired. However, many fans still believe he will have the final inevitable match. It was also reported a few months later that Undertaker was furious at Vince McMahon for asking him to work Summerslam, but it appears that that wound may have been mended. 

It was reported recently that there are either two plans for John Cena at Wrestlemania 33: The Undertaker retirement match or Cena winning his 16th world championship and tying Ric Flair. Cena himself will be taking a hiatus after No Mercy until the end of the year. 2017 could start off with Cena preparing for the Royal Rumble match, and up till  Wrestlemania, it could be his build with The Undertaker.

According to a report from The FourThreeFour,  The Undertaker is rumoured to be returning to WWE television at the Royal Rumble (22nd January 2017)This could possibly be to tease or announce that his upcoming Wrestlemania match would be his last, and then through some form or the other, he could begin feuding with John Cena.

The story basically writes itself. It will be The Undertaker’s 25th Wrestlemania match, and his final one, against the one opponent he has yet to face at Wrestlemania. If the match does play out as intended, then it is highly likely that it will be the main event of Wrestlemania 33, similar to how Shawn Michaels final match against The Undertaker was the main event of Wrestlemania 26. 

If so, this will be the second time in The Citrus Bowl/Camping World Stadium that Undertaker has main evented Wrestlemania. He main evented Wrestlemania 24 against Edge at the same venue.

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