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WWE Rumours: Vince McMahon infuriated with the Brock Lesnar segment on RAW

14.12K   //    25 Oct 2016, 20:11 IST
The boss isn’t happy with what he saw on RAW

Sadly for the WWE top brass, the much-hyped return of WWE’s cash cow Brock Lesnar in his hometown of Minnesota couldn’t save RAW from its misery. All the lofty expectations from the segment came crashing down after a forced promo from Paul Heyman.

WWE’s plan was to get the Minneapolis fans to chant for Goldberg, and despite Paul Heyman’s earnest efforts, they didn’t oblige and instead cheered for their hometown darling. There was a point when ‘Goldberg sucks’ chants echoed around the arena in a segment that didn’t go according to WWE’s well-laid plans. 

According to Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon was quite unhappy over the audience’s reaction and called for the premature end of the segment. This is the reason why the segment concluded abruptly and Brock Lesnar’s entrance theme played well before the cue. 

The segment – which was reportedly ended right in the middle, was set to go on for a longer duration before Vince ‘blew a gasket’ over the unfavorable outcome. What made it even more underwhelming was Paul Heyman’s rare slip-up when he looked to have forgotten his lines during his promo.

In case you missed Paul Heyman’s promo (read Brock Lesnar’s response to Goldberg), here is the video:

The IWC wasted no time in trashing the epic fail on social media outlets and some of these tweets would give you a clear cut picture of the magnitude of heat coming WWE’s way:

While the supremely hyped rematch between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg has taken a blow with what went down on RAW, WWE has the opportunity to get things back on track when Goldberg appears on next week’s RAW to respond to The Beast and his advocate.

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are expected to face each other for the second time at the Survivor Series PPV and it would be interesting to see when WWE books the much-anticipated brawl between the two on RAW. The inevitable showdown on RAW could save the feud from becoming a reminiscent picture of their previous outing. 

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