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Where Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper may be heading on SmackDown

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What's next for Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper?
What’s next for Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper?

Over the past few years, WWE has attempted multiple times to push Bray Wyatt as a singles competitor. In fact, in his last three WrestleManias, he was featured in matches against John Cena and The Undertaker, along with being in a segment involving The Rock and John Cena at this past WrestleMania.

Along with these legends, you can also add future Hall of Famers Chris Jericho and Kane to the list of people he has been in programs with since debuting on Raw in July of 2013.

One would think that all the legendary names, including his current feud with Randy Orton, and his teased feud with Brock Lesnar earlier this year before he was injured, would propel Wyatt into a major main event star. However, Wyatt is still looked at as a mid-card talent, who just could not capitalize on his current and previous feuds. 

A babyface turn would be a positive direction for Wyatt. There seems to be nothing else to keep his character relevant and entertaining as a heel. Despite this, WWE decided to return Luke Harper to accompany Wyatt in his current feud with Orton.

This initially was supposed to be Erick Rowan’s spot, but Rowan’s injury changed that. Interestingly, Harper returning to align once again with Wyatt is a better choice than Harper.

Not only has Harper already been siding with Wyatt, so the level of impact might not have been that high if the lights went out and he was the one who appeared, but he has been a singles competitor before, and it did not go very well despite winning the Intercontinental Championship.

While Rowan would benefit most by joining Wyatt and Harper, reforming the original Wyatt Family, right now WWE should capitalise on just the two pairing with each other. Being involved in singles feuds would not maximise the potential of the duo. Instead, they should be involved in the tag team picture. 

In the near three and a half years that Bray Wyatt has been on the WWE main roster, he has yet to capture a championship of any kind.

In fact, the Bray Wyatt persona has never won a championship in WWE at all. His cohorts, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, were able to win the NXT Tag Team Championships, but Wyatt was left on the outside of this reign.

Luke Harper and Eric Rowan as NXT Tag Team Champions
Even the success that Harper and Rowan experienced in NXT has eluded Wyatt in the WWE

Wyatt and Harper winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships would give a much-needed boost to Wyatt as a heel because there are not many options left for him in this role. Winning the titles from Rhyno and Heath Slater would be a great move, and would continue to add intrigue to the division.

Moreover, running through teams such as the Hype Bros would help build steam to start programs with teams such as American Alpha. In fact, although the Usos heel turn was long overdue, and have been mildly effective, Wyatt and Harper would have more heat as a team, which would help American Alpha as babyfaces.

Hopefully, WWE can make Wyatt and Harper a tag team and a major part of the SmackDown tag division. Otherwise, we will continue to see Luke Harper play the lackey role, and Bray Wyatt continue to hop in and out of meaningless feuds. 

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