WWE Rumours: WWE making back up plans for Triple H at WrestleMania

Triple H and Seth Rollins were meant to fight at WrestleMania, but what if they can’t ?
Carl Gac

What’s the story?

According to rumors, reported by Cageside Seats, WWE are still hopeful that Seth Rollins will be back in time for WrestleMania, but in case he’s not fit in time they also have contingency plans in place for Triple H.

In case you didn’t know...

Seth Rollins had been desperate to get his hands on Triple H for months, dating back to the night when Triple H helped Kevin Owens to beat Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. Rollins spent months calling out Triple H and even turned up NXT TakeOver: San Antonio trying to get his hands on Triple H.

Following that, Rollins called Triple H out on Raw. When it looked like they would come face to face in the ring, Samoa Joe made his WWE main roster debut and attacked the former WWE Champion. During that attack, Rollins injured his knee and looks set to be out for a couple of months, potentially ruining his eventual match with Triple H at WrestleMania.

The heart of the matter

While Rollins will do everything he can to make sure he is back in time for Wrestlemania, the human body is a complicated thing. If Rollins makes a quick recovery then he could potentially make it back in time for the big show in early April but there is always the thought that he could miss his second straight 'Mania due to a knee injury.

If he can't make it back in time, it would be strange for WWE not to have another option lined up for Triple H.

What’s next?

We may not know until the very last moments if Rollins will have recovered in time to take his spot at Wrestlemania. In his absence, WWE has kept Triple H on tv. Recently on Raw, he was seen talking to Kevin Owens only minutes before Owens turned on his best friend Chris Jericho.

This storyline will more than likely run through the next couple of months but it could still be kept open so that if Rollins recovers, he can still take on Triple H at Wrestlemania.

SportsKeeda’s Take

This is the most sensible option for WWE to take right now. If they are not 100% sure that Seth Rollins will be ready for Wrestlemania then they have to have an alternative match in place for Triple H. Whilst they have to do that, they still need to be thinking of how Rollins can fit in if he does make it back in time.

This could lead to some interesting developments in the next few weeks, with Triple H being a big part of plans at Wrestlemania, whatever WWE has lined up as a backup then it should be pretty important.

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