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Seven reasons why Sasha Banks is the New Era's Trish Stratus

These two women are pretty similar and that's lit. You know it's true.

Top 5 / Top 10 29 Jul 2016, 20:00 IST
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The new era in WWE has been born and so has a new Champion.  Unless you have lived under a rock, Monday night saw the second woman crowned WWE Women’s Champion.  That woman is Sasha Banks, and WWE made the right move on this one. 

For so long, fans chanted and pleaded for Banks since her debut over a year ago to kickstart the Divas Revolution angle. Since the Revolution, Banks’ star continued to shine bright despite the roadblocks and shortcomings that came in front of her. 

Banks lives, breathes and is personified as a Superstar, and no one else can match her in terms of personality and swagger right now. WWE knows it, and fans know it. The company finally listened and has chosen Banks as its face of the Women’s Division.

With that all being said, there are rumblings of comparisons to that of Trish Stratus. Like Banks, Stratus became the face of the Women’s Division at the tail end of the Attitude Era and through much of the Ruthless Aggression Era once she found her groove. Stratus’ will and desire to get better paid off immensely and fans respect her for that. Both ladies are smart, articulate, and beautiful but will kick your butt on any given day.

The comparisons are quietly coming up but will get louder over time. Stratus herself doesn’t rule out a program with Banks, as stated on the Ring Rust Radio show several weeks back. While that is a dream match itself, it’s WrestleMania worthy and it’s one we don’t have to rule out just yet. It will be up there with John Cena v. The Rock, mark my words if it does happen.

Let’s talk about some similarities the two ladies have, shall we?

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