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WWE SmackDown Live 27 September, 2016: Best and worst

Smackdown Live gives us one of its worst shows since the brand split, with very few merits.

Most of Smackdown Live made us cringe hard

We could just call this ‘The Worst of Smackdown Live’. Ever since the brand split, the blue brand has consistently upped the red one in terms of output because of the pacing and a more believable product. Today was (hopefully) an off day for the brand, who put on an atrocious show that had us dozing off on more than one occasion.

We sure hope it’s an anomaly because the quality of wrestling has spiraled down, through the week, after what was a pretty decent ‘Clash of Champions’. Today’s episode of Smackdown Live came to us from Cleveland. Here’s what we liked and disliked from today’s show. 

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