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WWE Smackdown 28th May 2015- Top 5 moments

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Dean Ambrose- Promo Time

The Smackdown Go Home show was, as expected, not much relevant as WWE nears the Elimination Chamber PPV. It had the opening promo and a tag team match as the main event. WWE has also come to depend on The Shield majorly as the three former teammates ended another Smackdown being in the same match.

There were some things though, that stood out from the rest of the repetive clutter that is the 2 hour Smackdown. 

Kevin Owens made his debut on the Smackdown brand and there was a lot of tag team action to invest one’s time in.

Here are the top 5 moments of the night-

1.Kevin Owens Promo

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Owens speaks his mind

The NXT Champion made his debut on Smackdown with an in- ring promo with Michael Cole. This was a trademark Owens promo which was great to showcase his capabilities on the mic to the wider reach of the main roster. He said that even if he’s been on the main roster for just two weeks, he’s been wrestling for 15 years and that he has nothing to prove to anyone,including John Cena. He doesn’t consider his match against the face of the company as a stepping stone. His line about Cena’s “57 varieties of terrible T-Shirt design and over 1000 different ways to suck” was brilliant. 

He has nothing to prove to Cena but Cena does, to the NXT Champion.

Brilliant heel.

2.The Brass Ring Club’s Teamwork

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Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Natalya

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are two of the most gifted wrestlers with little to no Creative direction when it comes to character development. But when you see them in the ring,you realize how great they are.Their team is amazing. Their teamwork is seamless and hence quite entertaining.

The kind of wrestling they showcase is particularly the reason why the tag team division is still surviving and their feud with newly-turned heel New Day is doing well for the entire division.

On Smackdown, they had another great showing against the Lucha Dragons

3.Lucha Dragons are here

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Lucha! Lucha!

The ‘Lucha’ chant is extremely catchy. This tag team hasn’t disappointed since they stepped into the main roster. Kalisto certainly steals the spotlight every single time. Their introduction to the main roster tag team mix has been a welcome addition.

They always find new moves to entertain the audience.

The tag team match at Elimination Chamber may just be the best match of the night.

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