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WWE SmackDown: 3 possible secrets Ramblin Rabbit was about to reveal to Daniel Bryan 

Published Jan 11, 2020
Jan 11, 2020 IST

Ramblin Rabbit knows something important
Ramblin Rabbit knows something important

Last night on SmackDown, Bray Wyatt was back in the Fun House and he revealed that The Fiend targeted Daniel Bryan based on their history, because he wanted him to remember. Then he wanted to change him when he attacked him from under the ring and at The Royal Rumble he only wants to hurt him.

It later lead to Bryan stating that he knows that The Fiend is beatable in a backstage interview before Ramblin Rabbit appeared on the screen and tried to tell Bryan that he was right and that he knew what the secret to defeating The Fiend was.

Sadly, Bray Wyatt stepped in with his HURT hand and was able to stop Ramblin Rabbit before he informed Bryan of the secret, something that was later shown to have cost him his life. That being said, Ramblin Rabbit did reveal that The Fiend is beatable, so what was it that Ramblin Rabbit wanted to share?

#3 Bray Wyatt is the secret to his strength

Bray Wyatt is the man who does a lot of The Fiend's work for him, but The Miz showed that he isn't considered to be the best wrestler in this storyline. That means that Ramblin Rabbit could have been trying to tell Bryan that Bray Wyatt is The Fiend's weakness.

Without Bray Wyatt The Fiend can't speak, he can't share his thoughts through the Fun House and he has no platform. This would mean that he would just be a monster attacking wrestlers and not giving them or himself any kind of chance at redemption.

Does that mean that if Bryan was able to get rid of Bray Wyatt or at least move him away from The Fiend, it would make The Fiend beatable?

#2 His mask is his power

It's too soon for The Fiend to be unmasked since this storyline has only been going for a few months, but it would make complete sense if the mask is his form of power. He lives off the fear that his opponents feel when they see him, which only comes from the mask, which is made to look like his real face.


Of course, if the mask was removed it would be revealed that he was Bray Wyatt underneath, which would make sense since he's keeping Wyatt prisoner whilst he uses his human form. Perhaps the mask is the key to everything, if Bryan is able to take off the mask in their match then he will see that underneath he isn't all that scary which would mean that he would lose his feat factor.

#1 Erick Rowan's cage is the answer

There has to be something magical about this whole storyline since Ramblin Rabbit has been killed a number of times now and always been able to come back. This means that there has to be an energy source somewhere that The Fiend can link back to and it's believed to be Erick Rowan's cage. After all, whatever is in there is disturbing enough to scare Mojo Rawley and it could be the souls of all of the stars inside the Fun House. This is how The Fiend keeps them as his prisoners and Rowan is now the man who holds the cage and controls The Fiend.

Wyatt wants to remain in the Fun House because he's connected to The Fiend so he won't help to reveal his secret, but the other puppets want out, which is why they are trying to help his opponents to defeat him.

Do you think Ramblin Rabbit holds some important information? Have your say in the comments section below...

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