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WWE SmackDown: 3 reasons why Luke Harper should be revealed as the culprit who attacked Roman Reigns

Divesh Merani
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Luke Harper
Luke Harper

This week on SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan and Rowan claimed their innocence in the recent sneak attacks on Roman Reigns, and that they will bring the culprit to the show next Tuesday. So, if it is neither Bryan nor Rowan, who should it be?

Luke Harper.

Yes, the former Bludgeon Brother should be the man that tried to murder the Big Dog on multiple occasions. It makes perfect sense for him to join forces with the evil environmentalists of the Blue brand, sparking what should be one of the best feuds of 2019.

We all love a good 'Whodunit' storyline and credit must go to Vince McMahon for not booking the final reveal to be before SummerSlam. It does look like the conclusion will happen on next week's SmackDown, so hopefully, Mr. McMahon decides to make Harper the man who did it.

Here are three reasons why Luke Harper should be revealed as the culprit for the attacks on Roman Reigns.

#3 WWE shouldn't keep on wasting talent

This match was amazing
This match was amazing

Back in April, Luke Harper asked for his WWE release. He tweeted out a long statement about the request but was eventually refused his release.

After a dark match against EC3 before the post-WrestleMania episode of SmackDown, Vince McMahon decided to "hate everything Harper did". As a result, he went back home and is sitting out the rest of his contract. Plus, WWE added six months to the contract from when he was injured.

This is a criminal non-utilisation of the unbelievable talents possessed by the former Wyatt. It seems crazy to think that Harper was so close to being added to the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 33.

He should be receiving a steady push in the mid-card at least, as he could have barnburners with the likes of Cesaro, Ali, and Aleister Black, to name just a few. WWE should realize just how wasteful it is for a man so talented to be sitting at home, while his presence would benefit the product. 

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