WWE SmackDown: 5 Reasons why Kevin Owens attacked Kofi Kingston and went heel

  • We reveal the story behind the most shocking move on SmackDown Live!
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Modified 24 Apr 2019, 09:13 IST

Why was Big O show his true colors this week?
Why was Big O show his true colors this week?

Kevin Owens has been a babyface ever since he made his return from injury. And yet, on this week's episode of SmackDown Live (read results here), Kevin Owens would turn on Kofi Kingston, annihilating the WWE Champion.

What caused him to take such a drastic step and turn on the beloved babyface? After all, he never even got to have a real babyface run like he should have had, considering that the crowd was actually gravitating towards him.

You have to admit that you did chuckle and snicker when Owens adopted the character of Big O, an honorary member of The New Day. Had he continued as a babyface, I'm guessing he would have been one of the top stars on SmackDown Live.

So what could possibly have caused him to go heel?

#5 Owens was always better as a heel

Yes, I did enjoy Kevin Owens gyrating his hips to the New Day's theme song, but we all knew deep in our hearts that something was amiss with the whole situation. We're all just so used to seeing Kevin Owens as a heel, that something did not sit well with Kevin Owens as a babyface character. Were you guys even surprised to see Kevin Owens go heel?

Yes, Owens does have the potential to be a good babyface, somewhere down the line, but he excels at being a heel. We all remember the excellent rivalry he had with Sami Zayn, back when Zayn was a babyface. We also love and remember the 'Festival of Friendship' segment with Chris Jericho.

The New Day romance was great and I quite liked the short lived alliance between the men but let's be honest- was this ever going to last? No one really believed it would!

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Published 24 Apr 2019, 09:13 IST
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