WWE SmackDown - 5 Surprises that could happen- Roman Reigns suspended, Brand new General Manager appointed?

So much could happen on this week's edition of SmackDown
So much could happen on this week's edition of SmackDown
Riju Dasgupta

WWE SmackDown is going to be the show to watch this Friday night because two massive matches have already been announced for the upcoming show.

Despite the fact that RAW Legends Night did not deliver as we assumed it would, WWE SmackDown has been consistent in terms of quality and this week's show should certainly be no different.

Here are 5 surprises that could potentially play out on this week's edition of WWE SmackDown, to set the stage for the 2021 Royal Rumble, later this month. Feel free to weigh in, in the comments section below with your thoughts, views, and comments about the 'surprises' listed.

In fact, one legend from WWE RAW Legends Night could certainly make her presence felt on WWE SmackDown.

#5 Roman Reigns attacks Adam Pearce on WWE SmackDown, gets suspended by Vince McMahon soon after

Roman Reigns clearly has a bone to pick with Adam Pearce, who made a match on WWE SmackDown that was not to his liking. There is bound to be some kind of consequence on this week's edition of WWE SmackDown, where he lays his hands on a WWE official. And as a consequence, Roman Reigns could be written off TV for a brief spell.

Do remember that it was only last week on WWE SmackDown, where he and Jey Uso inflicted pain and punishment upon Kevin Owens too.

All of these things combined could result in a Roman Reigns vs. WWE management storyline, where he becomes the scourge of the company, earning massive heel heat in the process.

And maybe Daniel Bryan is irked at how his friends have been treated, and it results in a feud between him and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, don't they?

#4 Torrie Wilson (or a guest from the past) is appointed as the new WWE SmackDown authority figure

So now, with the situation we've outlined on WWE SmackDown, with Roman Reigns taking out Adam Pearce, there's always the chance that a new authority figure could be appointed.

There were so many Superstars that showed up on RAW Legends Night, who did not really do much but just stood in the background, in very surprising cameos indeed. Each one of them could be booked as the authority figure that takes Adam Pearce's place.

The first name that comes to mind, who would be awesome for this spot is Torrie Wilson, someone who was actually given a prominent spot on RAW. She is obviously in great shape and would be a great fit as an authority figure on WWE SmackDown, where she lays down the law.

There was a big increase in viewership when the legends came back to RAW, so one has to assume that having Torrie Wilson in the mix on WWE SmackDown will bring back one or more lapsed viewer.

#3 Seth Rollins returns to WWE SmackDown and has a staredown with Big E

So, it has been announced next week on WWE SmackDown, Big E will be putting his Intercontinental Championship on the line in a massive match with Apollo Crews. It is very likely that Big E will walk out as the winner in this contest, as he's just won the title and is on fire at the moment.

And so, when Big E stands tall and proud on WWE SmackDown, after vanquishing Apollo Crews, Seth Rollins could step up to the plate next, making his big comeback. It must be noted that he was advertised for WWE SmackDown last week, but was nowhere to be seen, to everyone's surprise.

For Big E to truly make a massive splash on WWE SmackDown with the Intercontinental Championship, he needs an antagonist who is of the same caliber and Seth Rollins fits the bill perfectly. Plus, he is a heel so he clearly won't be taking on Roman Reigns anytime soon. All the pieces align perfectly.

#2 Carmella becomes the brand new WWE SmackDown Women's Champion in an impromptu match

What we all need to remember is that it was only last week on WWE SmackDown that Sasha Banks was pinned by Carmella. And scoring a victory over the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion essentially means that Carmella has secured an opportunity for herself at the said Championship on the show. Could a match be made on this week's episode of WWE SmackDown, where a very surprising title change takes place?

Could Carmella become the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion on this week's episode in the ultimate swerve?

And then Sasha Banks is at the bottom of the pyramid once again, and she has to win the Royal Rumble to earn herself a shot at the title that Carmella holds, at WrestleMania 37. It would be a great storyline that could make Sasha Banks the ultimate WWE SmackDown babyface, who had it all and then lost it all. And Carmella could gloat and earn heel heat in the process, on WWE SmackDown, branching off to become a legitimate star.

#1 The Street Profits lose the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships, thanks to a drum cymbal


The fact that a drumkit was involved in last week's edition of WWE SmackDown brings forth a very interesting possibility indeed. But before we elaborate, check out an interview that SK Wrestling conducted with WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Montez Ford by clicking on the link above.

We know that The Street Profits are scheduled to take on Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships this week. And the sad, unfortunate reality is that if The Street Profits win, there aren't too many credible teams in the roster that could potentially take them on.

So, it may be time for a change in guard, with The Street Profits conceding their titles to Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. However, to make them look strong, Ziggler and Roode could use a cymbal to cave Ford or Dawkin's head in.

It would certainly be a great angle to extend the feud for a longer duration of time.

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