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WWE SmackDown Live: 5 Ways Vince McMahon could punish Roman Reigns for assaulting him

Riju Dasgupta
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17.28K   //    21 Apr 2019, 19:53 IST

How will the boss man take down The Big Dog?
How will the boss man take down The Big Dog?

After what was a pretty unexciting episode of SmackDown Live, Vince McMahon announced SmackDown's biggest signing last week- Elias. As the air went out of the building almost at once, he would be interrupted by Roman Reigns.

Reigns took down both Elias and Vince McMahon and proclaimed that SmackDown Live was his yard now. No action against the boss goes unpunished which makes me wonder what McMahon could have in store for Reigns on the following SmackDown episode.

In this article, I shall list out five ways that Vince McMahon could take down The Big Dog and punish him for laying his hands on him. I invite your comments, thoughts, and views in the section right below.

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#5 The Authors of Pain reunite to take Roman Reigns out

There's always the possibility that The Authors of Pain could reunite and return as just another team in the roster. I would not be opposed to this idea, because they are the essential strong man heel team. But I think there's a lot more value in them coming back as Vince McMahon's hired goons to take Roman Reigns out.

This gives them a sense of purpose and helps them stand out from the pack. Take Baron Corbin for instance, who was always a superstar worth looking out for, but really shot to prominence when he first became the Constable of WWE RAW and later the General Manager of the show. The Authors of Pain too could benefit from the Vince McMahon connection.

It would also help them have a good showing because Roman Reigns would have good, brawl-oriented matches with them. It could help elevate Akam and Rezar to the next level.

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