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WWE SmackDown Live Preview: November 29th, 2016

What can we expect from the latest episode of SmackDown?

An unstable Ambrose hosts the Asylum this week

WWE rolled out a classy episode of Monday Night Raw last week. Headlined by the emotional main event between Charlotte and Sasha Banks, the show was almost perfect due to the rich segments that it brought in. SmackDown now has the pressure to deliver a home run on Tuesday night, and they have enough ammunition to do it as well.

The fallout of James Ellsworth winning his SmackDown contract by defeating AJ Styles will be one of the major segments for the show. There are some interesting implications awaiting the Tag team division as well, and in this list, we are going to take a look at these and much more.

#5 Will Shane McMahon take action against Ambrose?

Shane needs to act

James Ellsworth won his WWE contract last week by defeating AJ Styles in a ladder match. Ellsworth had some help from Dean Ambrose to win, and it should be noted that he was taken out of the building earlier that night.

It was the actions of Ambrose at Survivor Series that resulted in Shane McMahon punishing him last week and now that Ambrose has broken the rule once again, a bigger punishment could be on the horizon.

Shane McMahon vs. a heel Dean Ambrose feud is something that WWE could bank on, as it would be a fresh path for Ambrose and also for the WWE championship.

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