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WWE SmackDown Live Results 24th April 2018, Latest SmackDown Live winners and video highlights

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Miz is back
Miz is back on the blue brand!

With the Superstar Shake-up happening just last week and both the Greatest Royal Rumble and Backlash right around the corner, this week's SmackDown looked to be huge - and it did not disappoint.

With the announcement that Daniel Bryan and The Miz would be face-to-face in the ring, this edition of SmackDown was destined to be explosive...

The Miz TV has an unexpected guest

Big Cass made a big proclamation on Miz TV

And that's how SmackDown Live kicked off. Miz returned to the blue brand to bring back Miz TV, proclaiming that the A-Lister would make SmackDown the A show again.

Miz introduced his guest, Daniel Bryan, as the man who threatened to punch him in the face - but not before reminding the WWE Universe that he relinquished the Intercontinental Championship - the belt missing from Miz's waist but the belt he vowed to win back this Friday.

The eight-time Intercontinental Champion noted that Bryan holds a grudge against him because of the Talking Smack segment, claiming the show got cancelled because he moved to Raw. Miz also claimed that becoming a father made him a better man, but that the same couldn't be said for the Yes man.

Miz said if Bryan wanted to come to the ring and punch him in the face, then he had a free invite to do so... But Big Cass' music hit instead with the seven-footer making his way to the ring suited up.

Miz asked if he could help Cass, with Cass saying Miz didn't seem to have a guest, so he was taking his place as nobody cares about Daniel Bryan. Cass said he worked to get back to the ring for seven months and he got cleared on the same day as Bryan and is living in the shadow of that "ordinary little man".

Cass and Miz then went back and forth before the former NXT man said he'd shut Miz's mouth once and for all - but the pair united in both being enemies of Daniel Bryan. Cass said he used to be small like Daniel Bryan, but then he grew and he didn't need to go elsewhere before WWE because he is tall, educated and good before vowing to never let Daniel Bryan cast a shadow over him, or anyone else ever again.

We then cut backstage to see Becky Lynch and Asuka making their way to the ring for her upcoming match, but Daniel Bryan was seen laid out on the floor.

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