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WWE SmackDown Live vs. WWE Raw - Who bested who this week?

The war rages on with the battle of the brands!

Raw won last week, did SmacDown Live come back?

Raw came out on top last week for me, edging it with a really enjoyable show but the two broadcasts did not show what they could do. They were not at full throttle.

This did not seem to sit well with some of the blues amongst you but as always it was down to reviewing the facts of the two nights, and ultimately, Raw pulled through. It was great to see the discussion in the comments and make no mistake, that’s what we’re looking for!

That’s why for the third week in a row, I will be analysing the highs of both shows, picking out the key moments that could win the competition for either brand. Since I started doing this, if you’re keeping score, it’s one a piece to SmackDown Live and Raw.

Who will win this week? Who will take that all-important lead? I’m looking at who won the battle of the brands right here, on Sportskeeda.

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