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WWE SmackDown Live vs. WWE Raw: Who won the battle of the brands this week?

Daniel Massey
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13.60K   //    10 Nov 2016, 11:04 IST
The battle is hotting up!

It’s 8-7 to SmackDown Live so far if you follow this series and in the lead up to the Survivor Series, I expect the programming to take a more exciting turn. Last week’s outings by both shows were poor to be fair, so they both have a lot to do, to maintain their ratings and momentum going into the first joint production pay-per-view since the brand split. 

This week, WWE comes all the way from the U.K where the crowds are hot, and the excitement is high.

Both shows have a good couple of weeks to build the feuds and make them as exciting as they should be. After all, it’s supposed to be fantasy warfare come to life! This week allows the brands to take the rivalry up a notch, and try to outdo each other and make sure their show stands out, going into the pay-per-view.

Raw has an opportunity to capitalise on the fact that SmackDown Live, seems to be relying more on a jobber than it does on its own main event talent. On the other hand, SmackDown Live has the opportunity to capitalise on the fact that it is the better wrestling show and its competitors, feel more legitimate than those on Raw.

I think there is an argument for little invasions leading up to the 30th annual Survivor Series, so it will be interesting to see if that happens this week. However, it could also be said that keeping the brands apart until the pay-per-view, creates more buzz and excitement for when we actually see them compete.

It’s time to analyse the best bits of each show, to see who won the battle of the brands this week!

You’ll never take our freedom!


The tag team division produced a hilarious segment on Monday night. Three of the most charismatic teams in the whole of the WWE – Enzo and Cass, The New Day and Cesaro and Sheamus - had fantastic chemistry during the promo for the tag team match at Survivor Series.

Corey Graves, had it right when he said that SmackDown Live’s tag team division cannot compare to Raw’s tag team division. Even if you’re a staunch fan of the blue brand, you must admit, that the tag teams on Raw are far more entertaining and fun to watch. 


They’ve had a better build than the teams, on the so-called ‘B-Show’, and are more established due to this.

Cesaro had a small gaffe when he was cutting a promo on The Club. He explained they might as well have called him bald when insulting him and it threw him off a little bit. But it was a funny moment for the audience, and I have to admit, if I’d have been in the ring I’m not sure I would have been able to stop myself from laughing.

Cesaro’s night didn’t get much better as Sheamus accidentally hit him in the face. Another brilliant botch that just made the segment better. Enzo and Cass were also on form. How you doin’?

It was New Day that really took it to the next level, though, by embracing Scottish culture and utilising the classic scene from Braveheart, to bring the teams together and to prepare them for the upcoming bout with SmackDown Live. It was one of the best segments I’ve seen on Raw for a long while.

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