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WWE SmackDown Results, 22nd May 2018, Latest SmackDown Live Winners and video highlights

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SmackDown kicked off with another
SmackDown kicked off with another installment of Miz TV

The Miz kicked off the show with the announcement of the time and date debut of Miz's upcoming documentary, Miz and Mrs. He then invited The New Day to the ring for an interview. Miz asked The New Day which one of them will be participating in the Money in the Bank ladder match and the trio jokingly said all three of them.

The A-lister then proceeded to explain how The New Day are holding each other back before offering some wise advice to the three members. The Miz even brought up the popular video game Fortnite in his words of advice to Xavier Woods.

The trio still couldn't decide which member will participate in the MITB ladder match and the Miz lost his patience and said he could beat any one of them in the ring at any given point.

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The New Day accepts Miz's challenge and said Big E would face the A-lister right then. The Miz took back the challenge he laid out to The New Day as the trio threw pancakes at The Miz who ran backstage.

Backstage, The Miz ran into SmackDown GM Paige and she makes him go back to the ring to face Big E.

#1 The Miz vs. Big E

Paige wouldn't allow Miz to back out of the match
Paige wouldn't allow Miz to back out of the match

The Miz took control at first but Big E caught the A-lister and slapped him in the rear to mock him. Big E delivered a huge splash on Miz on the apron while the rest of the New Day helped E out with pancakes and maple syrup. The Miz dropped E face first into the apron as we headed into a commercial break.

We returned to see Big E caught in a headlock by the Miz who went for a clothesline but took a couple of belly to belly suplexes and a splash. Miz missed a DDT and Big E took him down to the mat as Kofi Kinston enthused him ringside. Big E took a knee to the head but it resulted in only a near fall. Both men took each other out with clotheslines as The Bar attacked the New Day ringside. Big E was distracted by Cesaro and took a Skull Crushing Finale and failed to kick out of the following pin.

Result: The Miz def. Big E 

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was asked about his upcoming match with Jeff Hardy. Bryan acknowledged that Hardy is a legend but added that he intended to make the legend tap out.

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