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WWE SmackDown results: 5/14/2015

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 Smackdown had a quite eventful run this week

Check out the results of this week’s Smackdown. The show begins with Dean Ambrose coming out and talking about what happened on Monday night and says he has one thing to say to Roman Reigns and waits for Reigns to enter the arena. Reigns says, he is aware of what Ambrose would do and would be bringing big guns. He tells Ambrose to do the same and also wonders whether they can be brothers. 

Just then Kane cuts them off saying they should be more worried about Payback. Ambrose counters Kane saying he would be fired at Payback to which Kane says he would still be there post-Payback and went on to announce that Ambrose would face Sheamus now.

Match Number One: Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose

Result: Dean Ambrose defeats Sheamus after sending Sheamus to the ringpost and rolling up to pick up the win.

Segment Number One: Rusev and Lana enter the ring, where Rusev gets furious with the fans and tells them to shut up. Meanwhile Lana reads an apology letter for doing the Fandango dance asking for forgiveness. Rusev predicts Cena to lose on Sunday citing lack of focus on Cena’s part and goes to play a looped video of Cena saying “ I Quit” in a promo.

Match Number Two: Seth Rollins (with J&J Security) vs Ryback

Bray Wyatt interferes and tackles Ryback during his entrance. Wyatt laughs as the referee checks Ryback into a commercial break. We get back to see Ryback continuing the match against Rollins. Seeing Ryback having the upper hand, Mercury interferes and sensing the opportunity Rollins knees Ryback to the head, superkicks him and goes for the cover to pick up the win.

Segment Number Two: Naomi was seen having an animated discussion with Renee Young. Naomi says she’s tired of being overlooked and has been there for years with nothing to show. She describes herself as a good girl gone bad to get things done and says Tamina and herself are doing what every other diva should. She also described Nikki Bella as a joke and said Brie is a quitter just like her husband.

Match Number Three: Tyson Kidd (with Cesaro and Natalya) vs Kofi Kingston (with New Day)

Kofi takes down Kidd early on. Kidd recovers well and applies the sharpshooter forcing Kofi to tap out picking up the win.

Match Number Four: Bo Dallas vs Neville

Bo cuts a promo about Bryan leaving the WWE. The match starts and Neville has the upper hand most of the time and he hits Bo with an enziguiri to pick up a win. After the match Bad News Barrett stands on the commentary table and  says Neville is no match for him. He also proceeds to make fun of Neville’s costume while putting on a king-like garb himself. He also asks fans to stand up and say “All Hail King Barrett”.

Segment Number Three: Rosa Mendes and Adam Rose are seen romancing each other when Rosa spots a hot dog guy and asks him to stop looking at them.  The hot dog guy reveals himself to be Carl and also wonders when they are getting paid. Rose says they aren’t and shoves him down saying party’s over, Rosa disagrees and they go back to their cuddling ways.

Match Number Five: Roman Reigns vs Kane

Reigns and Kane were involved in a gruelling match

Kane attacks Reigns before the bell is rung and drives him to the steps. Reigns counter attacks and hits him with a Superman Punch and then spears him to the table making the cover to pick up the win.

Backstage Renee Young catches up with Seth Rollins and asks him about the evening’s proceedings. Seth appears confident and goes on to proclaim it would take a lot more to beat him. Just then Dean Ambrose appears and gets into an altercation with Rollins, Reigns also joins him and they gang up on Rollins. Reigns proceeds to shake hands with Ambrose but gets tricked as Ambrose picks up the title on Reigns shoulder and walks away saying Reigns need not worry, for he will take the title back for good this Sunday.

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