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WWE SmackDown Results, December 25th 2018, Latest SmackDown Live winners and video highlights

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The Christmas special kicked off with R-Truth dressed as Santa Claus and Carmella dressed as an elf. R-Truth and Carmella tried to spread Christmas cheer but were interrupted by WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

Bryan objected to "Truthy Claus", i.e. R-Truth, and said he's not the real Santa Claus. Bryan said that the material desires of people have caused damage to the earth, as well as the glaciers melting and sea levels rising. 

Bryan said that in 20 years there will be no North Pole or Santa Claus. R-Truth said that Bryan "better watch out", speaking about how he's #30 at Royal Rumble; and after winning the Rumble, he may face Bryan at WrestleMania, if he's still a champion. 

Bryan asked Truth how he could win the Rumble if he couldn't even count to 30. Truth began to count to 30, and Truth and Carmella stop for a dance break, which incenses Bryan, who assaults R-Truth.  Bryan then put R-Truth in the LeBell Lock before attacking him even more.

Mustafa Ali vs. Andrade Cien Almas

Mustafa Ali got his second SmackDown live victory
Mustafa Ali got his second SmackDown live victory

Almas went to work immediately with a huge dropkick. He then landed another kick to the side of Ali's face. Ali fought back but was pushed from the top rope to the outside by Almas, as we headed to a commercial break. 

Back from the break, Ali had the advantage and went for the pinfall, but Almas just kicked out at two. Ali then landed a kick to Almas' face, while Almas himself landed a huge right, and went for the pinfall, but Ali kicked out. 


Almas stomped with both feet on Ali's body and Almas once again went for the pinfall, but Ali kicked out once more. Almas went for the double knees, but Ali moved away; Ali landed a DDT and the 054, getting the pin. 

Result: Mustafa Ali def. Andrade "Cien" Almas

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