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WWE SmackDown Results February 7th, 2020: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Friday Night SmackDown

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Modified 08 Feb 2020, 08:51 IST

What a night
What a night

The Miz & Morrison kicked off Friday Night SmackDown with the return of the Dirt Sheet and in occasion for the Oscars, they revealed a trailer for their fictional upcoming movie, "Once Upon a Time in Dirt Sheets", which was just a highlight reel of theirs, cut with some comedic shots of the duo. It even had Miz's dad acting in it!

The New Day came out and said it was comedic that Miz & Morrison thought they could beat the champs. The Usos came out next and Ziggler & Roode were about to make their entrance when Miz & Morrison attacked New Day in the ring. We headed for commercials and when we returned, a match was underway between The Usos and Ziggler & Roode.

The Usos vs. Ziggler & Roode

A great match to kick off the show
A great match to kick off the show

Ziggler and Roode took over early, with the Showoff digging his heel into the throat of Jey. Jimmy finally tagged in and took the fight to Roode and Ziggler. He hit a high crossbody to Roode and a Samoan drop to both.

They were left in opposite corners, allowing Jimmy to hit Ziggler with a running hip attack while Roode countered the other with a power slam. The Usos hit the double Superkick and then the Uso splash on Roode for the win.

Result: The Usos def. Ziggler & Roode


Match rating: B

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The video team played a recap of King Corbin's dog food incident from last week and Corbin was furious. He ran into the studio and yelled at the crew for humiliating him on live TV.

Alexa Bliss was backstage and told Nikki Cross that she had something twisted up her sleeve.

Elias was out playing his song when Cesaro and Sami Zayn interrupted him as revenge for last week.

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Published 08 Feb 2020, 08:39 IST
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