SmackDown Results: The Usos secure big win; Top Champion attacked before Title match

What a night on SmackDown!
What a night on SmackDown!

Roman Reigns was backstage with The Usos before SmackDown kicked off and asked them what their plan was with the match tonight.

Jimmy said they were looking to score tag team gold so that the whole family can be champs. Roman wished them the best of luck before Jey told Reigns that even though they have their own match tonight, his loyalty still remained with Reigns.

Out in the ring, SmackDown kicked off with The Street Profits as they made fun of The Usos and the fact that Reigns lives 'rent free' in Jey's head. Jimmy and his brother went at them with their own insults before the two teams squared up and the match began.

The Usos vs. The Street Profits on SmackDown

Montez Ford and Jimmy Uso kicked off the match and Jey was tagged in early on after Jimmy was sent into the corner. Main Event Jey was mad and got some hits in before Ford caught him in an armbar before tagging Dawkins in for the double team.

Jimmy was back in and came back with a double team of their own before isolating Dawkins in their corner. Montez got the tag and they tossed The Usos over the ropes with a double-team move.

After a break, The Usos had Montez on the floor outside and Jey sent him into the barricades. Back in the ring, Ford was in trouble but managed to fight his way to Dawkins but Jey took Angelo out before the tag could be made on SmackDown.

Dawkins sneaked in the tag right before hitting Jimmy with a spinebuster and Ford hit a dive but Jey dragged his brother out of the ring in time. Dawkins and Jey took each other out at ringside while Jimmy hit Montez with a superkick in the ring for the win on SmackDown.

Result: The Usos def. The Street Profits

Grade: A

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Edited by Alan John
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