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WWE SummerSlam 2017: 5 mistakes WWE should avoid at Summerslam 2017

Riju Dasgupta
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If WWE keeps these aspects in mind, SummerSlam could be a slamming show!
If WWE keeps these aspects in mind, SummerSlam could be a slamming show!

Wrestlemania feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? After many a B pay-per-view following "The Showcase of the Immortals", Summerslam 2017 is upon us. While it may feel like a star-studded affair like years past, we are certain that it will be an eventful show, all said and done. The scary thought in this regard is whether or not the event will be 'good' memorable or 'bad'.

WWE has the potential to make this grand affair one of the most memorable SummerSlams in its glorious history. That is provided that the points we outline in this article are taken into account and heed to the fullest.

Here are five mistakes WWE is bound to make at SummerSlam, that may not just make the pay-per-view underwhelming, but have seriously detrimental long-term consequences.

#5 Have Rusev lose to Randy Orton

Rusev will seriously lose all momentum if this happens!
Rusev will seriously lose all momentum if this happens!

Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble match this year and went on to win the championship at Wrestlemania 33 as well. However, his reign at the top was anything but extraordinary, as Randy Orton was unable to connect with fans at any significant level.

Some even dubbed Jinder Mahal's reign as the face of the company as a welcome change when compared to Orton's disappointing tenure as WWE Champion.

Rusev lost in his comeback effort in a Flag match to John Cena, and it seems like he may lose to Orton as well. After all, Orton has lost his last three pay-per-view matches in a row. Orton certainly needs a big win on a big stage, and WWE may think that Rusev is the right man to put him over.

Not only will it kill Rusev's momentum entirely, it will push a star who hardly has any more equity in 2017. The need of the hour is to create new stars that look strong, and therefore, Rusev needs to win at all costs.

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