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Real reason why Naomi lost the WWE SD Women's Championship at SummerSlam 2017

Rohit Nath
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The match ended in a clean finish

The challenger Natalya started off aggressively and hit a rebound slam onto the champion. Naomi countered with a hurricanrana and then her signature sliding slap. The action went outside the ring and Naomi continued her dominance there.

Nattie's next big move was when she flung Naomi onto the ring post. She pressed on the champion and took it to her as Carmella was watching on with James Ellsworth backstage.

Natalya continued to press as she got through a failed comeback from Naomi to hit a Michinoku driver. She pressed more and attempted a top turnbuckle suplex but Naomi slid under and backslammed her from the middle rope.

Naomi hit something like an axe kick onto Natalya. Her flurries of offence were not enough to keep Nattie away. Naomi hit her "Glow kicks" but was caught by Nattie who slammed her legs down. Just the nature of how it happened was absolutely hilarious. Probably because Naomi shouted "GLOW TIME" right before that.

Naomi was caught in a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring but hit a really cool counter to escape. Her moonsault didn't connect and Nattie then got her locked in the sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. This time Naomi submitted, ending her reign starting from WrestleMania.

Natalya is your NEW SmackDown Women's Champion!

No MITB Cash-in, but Naomi was distraught, and then in tears.

Real reason why Naomi lost

The real reason why Naomi lost is the heat she has been receiving backstage. Our senior correspondent Billi Bhatti reported earlier this week in an exclusive report that both Naomi and JBL had backstage heat over comments made on SmackDown Live.

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