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WWE SummerSlam: 3 Things WWE subtly told us through The Fiend vs. Finn Balor

  • Did you notice a striking similarity at the end of The Fiend's match?
Vatsal Rathod
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:07 IST

What an entrance that was!
What an entrance that was!

Summerslam 2019 saw the creature we know by the name of The Fiend finally make his in-ring debut to take on Finn Balor. Soon after WrestleMania finished, Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE in a completely new avatar.

What initially was portrayed as a friendly talk-show host gimmick was soon revealed to have many demented sides to it as Bray Wyatt showed us his hidden secret - The Fiend. After weeks and weeks of buildup through the Firefly Fun House and the puppets, The Fiend finally attacked Finn Balor on RAW a few weeks ago.

Soon after, the Extraordinary Man challenged this new Bray Wyatt to a match at SummerSlam, which was accepted by the Fiend. Tonight on RAW, we saw this mysterious creature wrestle for the first time as he took out the former Universal Champion with ease.

Everything about the segment and the match was amazing. Right from the beginning, the tweaked entrance of Bray Wyatt using a creepier version of his old theme song, and a scary-looking trademark lamp of the Eater of the Worlds, everything was spot on. It's great to see WWE not leaving behind the elements of the Bray Wyatt character, but building The Fiend on top of it.

In this article, let's take a look at the three things that WWE secretly told us through The Fiend vs Finn Balor at SummerSlam tonight. Feel free to share your thoughts and views in the comments section below.

#3 The Mandible Claw is officially his new finisher

When The Fiend first appeared on RAW to attack Finn Balor, he used the usual Sister Abigail finisher on him, making fans think that Wyatt would still use the same move as his finisher. But the next two weeks saw him take out two Hall of Famers, Mick Foley, and Kurt Angle with a new move - the Mandible Claw.

This raised doubts about whether this would be his new finisher going forward. WWE made it clear at SummerSlam that the deadly Mandible Claw is indeed his official new finisher as he finished off Balor with the same.

At the same time, Wyatt teased hitting Sister Abigail as well, meaning that he might use both of them in his future matches. What are your thoughts on his new finisher?

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Published 12 Aug 2019, 13:15 IST
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