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WWE Super ShowDown 2019: 4 things that almost definitely aren't happening

Gabby Duran
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04 Jun 2019, 19:50 IST

What will happen when Orton and Triple H lock horns?
What will happen when Orton and Triple H lock horns?

Super ShowDown is this Friday, and while many have criticized the build-up (or lack thereof), there are still some things to look forward to this Friday. Andrade vs Finn Balor for the Intercontinental Championship promises to be decent at worst. Dolph Ziggler has seemingly come back from the dead to face Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship. If you like battle royals, then the 50-Man Battle Royal will be right up your alley.

Recently, the shows have felt like they are stuck in a rut. Nothing important seems to happen. The same people show up all the time. As a result, the shows feel a bit predictable, and with Super ShowDown being a Saudi PPV, it feels a bit more so.

It's almost easy to say what will and what won't happen, and we intend to do just that. Here are 4 things that almost definitely won't happen at Super ShowDown.

#4 The Undertaker vs Goldberg going for more than 10 minutes

Isn't this a really cool picture of The Undertaker?
Isn't this a really cool picture of The Undertaker?

At WWE Super ShowDown, Undertaker and Goldberg will collide in what definitely promises to be a match. These two men have never faced off one on one. It's a rare dream match in a company that seems to have exhausted every other dream match.

Despite Undertaker's reputation for having long, epic matches, don't expect this match to go longer than a typical Undertaker entrance. Since Goldberg's return back in 2016, the former Universal Champion has wrestled for around 10 minutes total.

Given the advanced ages of the competitors involved, I believe it would be best for everyone involved, from the competitors, the oil barons, to the little Saudi boys and girls in the audience, if this was a real sprint of a match.

Let both men play their greatest hits, do their signature poses, and then wrap up before they get too exhausted. Keep it short and sweet.

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