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WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler addresses his hair on Twitter

Modified 10 Feb 2020, 08:44 IST

The Showoff has some serious hair game.
The Showoff has some serious hair game.

If you are like me, you've been slightly confused but intrigued as to the big change in the hair of The Showoff, Dolph Ziggler. After stylized as wet spaghetti for many years and frizzy when dried and sweaty, the former WWE Champion's hair has been one of his trademarks.

After years of the frizzy pasta look, Ziggler started sporting hair that seemed to be more blown out and dry rather than his usual locks. He even incorporated a hat into his look over the last year or so.

A Twitter user claimed that perhaps his new signature look is due to a famous hair care product, Maybelline. The Showoff offered a simple answer.

Changing up one's looks can help get a star over, especially if they recently turned face or heel. Bayley chopped off some locks when she turned heel while Asuka added some green face paint to her look. Liv Morgan re-debuted with a somewhat different look and also a different ring gear. Sasha Banks returned to action as a heel and with blue hair.

Ziggler has been around a long time in WWE, so it's not a surprise that he has started changing his appearance a bit. It could have been a conscious decision once he started working with King Corbin or he could have simply wanted to change things up regarding his signature blonde locks.

Whatever the case is, he wants us all to know that he spends a great deal of time in trying to have hair reminiscent of 1980s Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine.

Published 10 Feb 2020, 08:44 IST
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