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WWE superstars on staying fit, their favorite restaurant and more

5.64K   //    19 Aug 2015, 15:59 IST
Roman Reigns says he prefers Barbacoa when it comes to food while on the road.

Professional wrestlers are some of the world’s fittest athletes. They could crush an awful lot of ball players. So how exactly do they stay in such great shape when they’re traveling 300-plus days a year?

WWE received some major publicity today, as GQ published a piece about the superstars staying in shape on the road. The superstars who took part in the Q&A session are Charlotte, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston and Cesaro.

All of them gave their answers on how they stay fit on the road, trying to eat healthy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and more. Here is a brief excerpt:

How difficult is it for you guys to find gyms to workout in when you’re essentially in a different city every night?

Charlotte: Every single town I get to, the first thing I do is Google a gym. And that’s just part of your life on the road. It’s like, “I have to eat breakfast. I have to work out.”

Roman Reigns: Finding gyms are the easiest part. Nowadays you plug your iPhone in and you can pretty much figure out anything.

Kofi Kingston: We can just type in a Gold’s Gym or LA Fitness or whatever.

Cesaro: I’m pretty lucky because I travel with Seth. The CrossFit community has been really good to us. They just open their gyms to us and we can go and work out there.

Seth Rollins: Sometimes if you go to the same gyms, the fans catch on to that and they start hanging out at the gyms. It becomes a little bit of a circus. Over the course of three years or so, I’ve been able to create a nice little Rolodex of CrossFit gyms. I’ve ingratiated myself to the community, and that allows for a much more accessible training session as far as privacy is concerned.

Roman: I think the hardest part is actually nutrition. And not just what you eat but eating enough.

Is there a certain place you rely on for food when you're on the road?

Kofi: Chipotle.

Charlotte: Or Moe's. But only if you can't find a Chipotle first. [laughs]

Seth: Yeah, Chipotle's the universal one. They're pretty much everywhere. It's fresh ingredients. It's quality. Now everything they have is non-GMO. If you can just get a bowl with a bunch of meat and vegetables and rice, you're pretty set.

Roman: It's just simple and delicious. I'll do anywhere from two to three scoops of chicken, and then sometimes the barbacoa if the time's right.

Cesaro: I go and get three bowls to go, and then I have my protein shake after my workouts. That's pretty much my road diet. [laughs] I usually get brown rice and black beans. I'll do one bowl with double chicken, one with double steak, and one with chicken and steak. It's fresh, it's fast, and it's reliable.

Kofi: Anytime we can hit a Chipotle, we always stop.

To view the full session click on this link.

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