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WWE Survivor Series 20th November 2016 Results, winners and video highlights

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Survivor Series 2016 was epic, especially for Goldberg and his fans

Survivor Series 2016 came us from Toronto, Canada and it delivered on its promises. A weekend of exhilarating wrestling was capped off by a great show from the members of WWE’s main roster. We saw two championships being defended, three Survivor Series Style matches and the showcase match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax and Alicia Fox VS Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Naomi

Bayley helped Team Raw pick up the win

The Women of Raw and SmackDown make their way to the ring as we get ready to kick off Survivor Series 2016. What a way to kick off what should be an epic night of wrestling. Nikki Bella got attacked from behind backstage and will be replaced by Natalya for the match. Carmella and Alicia Fox start us off as Carmella is on top in the beginning. She hits a Bronco Buster and tags in Becky while Alicia tags in Bayley. Charlotte in turn tags herself in which leads to Sasha tagging herself in.

Sasha and Charlotte were on the verge of fighting amongst each other but Bayley intervened and tried to stop them. Becky chose this moment to uppercut Charlotte which led to a melee. When order was restored, Nia Jax was the legal woman. She took out almost all of team SmackDown single-handedly ending with a clothesline on both Natalya and Carmella.

She then tagged in Alicia Fox who hit the Scissors Kick on Carmella to pin her.

Carmella is eliminated

Alexa Bliss then came in and took out Foxy before delivering the Sparkle Splash to pin her.

Alicia Fox is eliminated

Nia Jax and Naomi were legal soon after this as Naomi looked to use her speed as an advantage. Jax smashed Naomi against the ring post while she was on the apron. Naomi collapsed outside the ring and ate the referee’s 10-count.


Naomi is eliminated

Sasha took the fight to Natalya after this. Alexa got tagged in but Sasha went for the double knees to both of them in the corner but missed Natalya. She then went for a backstabber but Alexa helped distract Sasha who got rolled up by Natalya and pinned.

Sasha Banks is eliminated

Charlotte came in and hit a big boot on Natalya to pin her.

Natalya is eliminated

Nia Jax took the fight to both Becky and Alexa after the elimination. She hit a double snap suplex to both Alexa and Becky and looked on the verge of going on a rampage. However, Becky locked her up in the Disarmer and shockingly, Nia tapped out.

Nia Jax is eliminated

Unhappy at being eliminated, Nia pulled Becky to the outside and sent her back first into the barricade. Alexa had to tag herself in and Charlotte met her with a big boot to eliminate her.

Alexa Bliss is eliminated

Charlotte went to work on Becky as Team Raw looked to finish the match off with Becky being the last remaining member of Team SmackDown. Becky fought hard and put Charlotte on the back foot, leading her to tag in Bayley. Bayley and Becky went back and forth for a bit before hitting the Bayley-to-Belly to pick up the win for Team Raw.

Becky Lynch is eliminated

Team Raw def. Team SmackDown Live

Charlotte viciously attacked Bayley as both their hands were being raised  and laid her out. Looks like we now know Charlotte’s next feud.

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