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WWE Survivor Series 2016: 5 possible endings for 10-on-10 men’s match

This list looks at the ways the Raw vs. SmackDown tag team elimination match could end.

Top 5 / Top 10 18 Nov 2016, 18:32 IST
The Usos could have a surprise in place

The 10-on-10 Survivor Series traditional elimination match between Raw and SmackDown might not be as hyped as the other matches on the card. But with the amount of talent that it boasts, it could be a sleeper hit at the pay-per-view.

Almost all the top teams from both brands, including the reigning champions, will be on showcase during the match and with 20 men involved, one thing is guaranteed: chaos.

Unlike the men’s singles and women’s elimination matches on the card, this might not have a long-term impact on the WWE program, but it would be a fun outing and could serve as a great palate cleanser on the card. With that said, here is a look at the possible ways in which WWE could end this match.

#5 The Usos turns on Team SmackDown

More heel momentum

The heel run of the Usos has lost its steam. The team needs a huge twist in the tale to be relevant once again, and this twist could come at Survivor Series. Usos are the only heel team in Team SmackDown, and if they backstab their teammates at the pay-per-view, it would be a good way to attract some heat.

Not only will the other teams of SmackDown be protected, but Usos will have a major storyline on their hands while heading out of Sunday night. The Usos could take out the tag teams one by one, in the weeks that follow and get hold of the championships as well.

WWE could then come up with a full blown feud between Usos and American Alpha for the Tag Team titles, which could culminate with American Alpha winning at WrestleMania or Royal Rumble.  

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