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WWE Survivor Series 2016: 5 things we learned

The WWE definitely know how to stir controversy. Let's take a look at 5 things we learned from the incredible PPV!

WWE know how to swerve the audience, especially on big PPVs

Much like the other big four PPVs this year (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam), Survivor Series was focused on swerving fans. Raw came out on top in two successive Survivor Series matches, with Raw’s women and tag teams appearing dominant.

Baron Corbin attacked the Cruiserweights, deeming the match and its stipulation useless. Smackdown Live’s men proved they are superior in the match of the night, as fans were on the edge of their seats due to the plethora of awesome moments that took place during the contest.  

Goldberg slayed the Beast Incarnate in under two minutes, decimating the unstoppable monster.

Whether these swerves were good or bad, they did their job, as they definitely shocked fans. So, what did we learn from these swerves, and the PPV overall? Let’s see, as here are 5 Things We Learned from WWE Survivor Series 2016.

#5 Fans aren’t interested in the Cruiserweights

The Cruiserweight division hasn
’t been a success so far

After the very successful Cruiserweight Classic, hopes were high that the Cruiserweight division would prosper on Raw. However, two months after their debut on the red brand, things still aren’t going well for the division.

Despite having a stellar match with high stakes, Kalisto and Brian Kendrick had no luck in firing up the crowd. The Toronto crowd were completely disinterested in the action, despite the entire division being on the line, as well as the Cruiserweight championship.

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Even after awesome spots such as Kalisto’s suicide dive or his Spanish Fly off the ring apron, fans remained as silent as they had been for the rest of the match. Now, with the division staying on Raw for the time being, there is no change of scenery for the Cruiserweights, which could’ve granted them a fresh start.

Hopefully, the new 205 Live show will inject some momentum into the floundering division, or they could easily become the filler segments on WWE programming. Survivor Series was not a good sign for the division, as the crowd seemed completely apathetic towards the Cruiserweights.

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